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SpielAffe Club Penguin Membership Generator Goes Down + Application Explained

Recently, the membership code generator went down. There’s a reason for this. The application was made by Disney themselves, it was a free membership trial. It has now ended. I think it was only for a week – so good job to the people who read my post back when it was up! :-)

Now, when you register, accept the terms & stuff, you will get a white line instead of a Membership code.

This application was created by Disney, so this isn’t actually a ‘hack’. It was a secret membership free trial created by them. :D

On their SpielAffe account, they have over 5 pages of games. Here’s a little part of page 1.

Sorry if you didn’t see my post in time. The membership code generator from SpielAffe has gone down – the trial has expired!



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