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Club Penguin Catalog Cheats May 2012 + New Black Helm Pin

Club Penguin have updated today! They’ve released lots of new things. This post will show you the catalog cheats for penguin style May 2012, and the new Black Helm pin.

Let’s start off with the Black Helm pin, at the Cove.

Now, let’s head over to the Gift Shop for the catalog cheats May 2012.

Page 1: New Arrivals May 2012.
Click the top of the King’s staff (the golden puffle picture)

Page 4
Click the Wizard’s right foot.

Page 5: New Hoodies & cheat
Go to page 5 to check out the new hoodies. To get the red viking helmet & blue viking helmet, click the paintbrush the purple Penguin is holding.

Click the paintbrush 4 times to get the Blue Viking Helmet.

Page 6: Click the 1st branch of the Tree to get the Chocolate Easter Bunny Costume.

Page 7: Click the shovel to get a recycling outfit.

Confused, wanna hear some awesome music while watching a cheat video? Click the play button!V

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