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Club Penguin Medieval Party 2013 Sneak Peek Interaction Video

Club Penguin has uploaded a new Youtube video showing sneak peeks of the Medieval Party as you interact with the video! At the end of the video Gary lets you test out 6 or 7 potions and you get to click which one you want. There’s an Ogre Potion, Chicken Puffle Potion, Fairy Potion, and lots more to choose from. Even one that is classified and just says “Coming September 24…” – Check it out and play for yourself!


Which potion do you think was your favorite? I would have to say the Chicken Puffle Potion because it’s so random, and that’s exactly what I think of myself. Random! Let us know what you think in a comment below!

Enjoy your day!


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Club Penguin Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Sneak Peek Video

Club Penguin’s Youtube Channel has recently uploaded a video showing sneak peeks of rooms and items for the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam next week. In this video, it seems like the setting is in the Winter and Daffodaily5 wishes for Summer. Once she says that, Ninja imagines all the things for Summer which is actually sneak peeks of the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam!


I think this looks really cool how they added features for you to actually slide down waterslides and drive on motorcycles! What do you think of this sneak peek video, and are you excited for the party next week? Let us know in a comment below!

Enjoy your day!


Club Penguin YouTube Updates – Puffle Party to have special emotes?

Hey everyone!

Club Penguin have updated their official YouTube channel to suit the up-coming party the Puffle Party 2013. At the Puffle Party 2013, the ex-myth that is the Rainbow puffle will actually be up for adoption! For REAL! It’s been a rumour for countless years and now it is becoming reality. Anyway, Club Penguin have updated their YouTube background and icon to suit this party and on their partner banner there is a dude with strange but cool hair performing a Rainbow Puffle emote.

Club Penguin YouTube Updates – Puffle Party to have special emotes?

This is Club Penguin’s new partner banner:

club penguin cheats

This is Club Penguin’s new icon/avatar:

club penguin cheats

This is Club Penguin’s new channel background:

club penguin cheats

Share any of your thoughts, opinions or suggestions in a comment if you like!
Have a great day!

Club Penguin Blog: VIDEO: Join Rockhopper on his latest adventure!

Remember the video Club Penguin uploaded last night? Well, today Club Penguin made a blog post about the new video. It’s a bit late, but a post is a post. Also, this post is by a new member to the Club Penguin Community blog, Chattabox! Here’s the post:

Club Penguin Blog: VIDEO: Join Rockhopper on his latest adventure!

Reece leads the search for Rockhopper to find out why there is so much fruit on Club Penguin!

Join us on the server Big Surf on Friday, August 24th at:

  • 4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time
  • 4pm British Summer Time
  • 4pm Pacific Daylight Time

Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

Do you think Chattabox will be posting for Club Penguin’s community blog in the future? What do you think? Leave a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Club Penguin Video – Temple of Fruit: Join Rockhopper on his latest adventure!

Last night, Club Penguin uploaded a video to their YouTube channel. This is another video regarding the upcoming party Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit but this time it stars Club Penguin staff in real life. Just press play to begin watching Club Penguin’s new video. Enjoy!



Bananas! On August 24th, Club Penguin staff will be online showcasing the Adventure Party. Rockhopper might even be there too! Times:

4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, 4pm British Summer Time and 4pm Pacific Daylight Time.

Club Penguin Sneak Peek: Adventure Party – Temple of Fruit

Club Penguin’s Youtube channel has just released a new video made by  Happy77, a Club Penguin moderator. It is a sneak peek of the upcoming Adventure Party – Temple of Fruit. The new Adventure Party has a quest, as always, in which Happy77 shows us a sneak peek of that. Take a look:

Honestly, I really liked the video! The way I see it, Club Penguin is improving on every party. The Club Penguin Team is coming up with brand new ideas which is really great! What do you think of the new sneak peek of the Adventure Party? Let me know with a comment.


Club Penguin Short: Rockhopper Vs. Mighty Squid!!

Club Penguin have released a new video on their YouTube channel! This video is a new Club Penguin short. In this Club Penguin short, Rockhopper takes on the Mighty Squid! * Video description: Can Captain Rockhopper defeat the Mighty Squid?? Watch the video and see our persistent pirate penguin save Yarr! Then head to Club Penguin to find more friends and adventures. Arrr!

So, here’s the video. Press play to watch!

Club Penguin Short: Rockhopper Vs. Mighty Squid!!

[ Click here to watch in fullscreen ]



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Club Penguin Video: Jesika’s Video Blog – Puffle Hats and Get Connected

Club Penguin have made a new video! In this video, an animator at Club Penguin called Jesika is talking about Puffle Hats and Get Connected… Well here’s the video: