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Polo Field Wearing Club Penguin Snow Launcher Item

There are some special membership cards that you can purchase in a store near you. Not only will you get a membership on Club Penguin , you will get a free RARE item! One of the rare items that you can get is the Snow Launcher item. The only way you can get that item is by using one of those special membership codes. The other item is the Jetpack which many people have because it was at the Festival of Flight (my favourite Club Penguin party!) Polo Field recently tweeted what his penguin looks like when he is wearing the Snow Launcher item and what his penguin looks like when he is flying with the jetpack.

Polo Field Wearing Club Penguin Snow Launcher Item

Here is what it looks like when Polo Field is wearing the Club Penguin Snow Launcher item:

club penguin cheats

If you’re not familiar to what it looks like when someone is flying with the Jet-pack item, here is what Polo Field’s penguin looks like when he is flying with his Jet-Pack item:

club penguin cheats

The membership card that includes a Snow Launcher item code also includes codes for 2 bonus items that we don’t know about yet. I might buy one of these cards and see what these bonus items are. Just in case you’re going to go to your local store and look for one of these special membership cards, here is what they look like:

club penguin cheats

These items look really cool. I want all of them! I’m that greedy, hehe. What item out of these is your favourite? Share your thoughts in a comment, if you want. In other news, you can create your own Club Penguin tracker and/or get hosting for your Club Penguin trackers at CPTrackers

Have a great day!

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