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Club Penguin Cheats Crew Halloween Party 2012 Recap + Halloween Costume Contest Winner

Well, that was a bundle of emotions. Today Club Penguin Cheats Crew (us) had a party in celebration of Halloween. This was unlike any other parties I’ve had before. My very past parties resulted in tumbleweed, nobody came. One of my old parties, my 400,000 hits party, was a little more successful. Quite a few people came. My previous party, my 1,000,000 hits party, was a pretty good turn out. A lot of people came. But unlike the Halloween party I just had, I didn’t fill a server and a room. Lot’s of people could not get in because the server was full. I also had reports that the Cove was full. Every time I tried to enter the Cove, my Club Penguin crashed. So, eventually, I decided to move the party to the dock. I decided that when almost 20 minutes passed the time the party should’ve started, so about 90% of the people who came at the right time had left. That made me really sad because it would have been amazing to have all of those people partying with me. I know how many people were at the party when I could not get in because some of my friends showed me via twitter. If you were there when I couldn’t come, I’d just like to say thank you for coming. I’m really sad I couldn’t be there with you people. Come to my next party on November the 23rd (Club Penguin Cheats Crew’s 2nd anniversary) and maybe things might not be laggy then. Hopefully a Club Penguin party will not be going on at that time so things will be less laggy. The decorations of the Halloween party is probably what made me crash and lag so much. It was probably also due to the amount of people dancing and being in the cove and the server. I never thought I’d make a room full, let alone a server. Rainbow is normally 1 bar.

Club Penguin Cheats Crew Halloween Party 2012 Recap

Before the party, during the party and after the party me and some other people were chatting on our official Club Penguin Chat, CPCCTracking. Not everyone knew about that, though, so definitely not all the people that were at the party were chatting at our xat. As I promised, I would be holding a Halloween Costume contest. The best Halloween costume would win a membership code. I also promised to record the party, which is what I did. But there are 2 other things I promised which I am finding difficult to proceed with. One is to add everybody. I partly did that. When we were at the forest (because I couldn’t get into the cove), my buddy list was thankfully working so I added people. But as the party went on and I finally got into the dock (lots of people left, though), my buddy list broke and had that annoying swirly thing and the buddy list went dark and I couldn’t click it. Whenever I hovered my mouse over it it just said “reconnecting…”. My friend Ryan5124 told me a code that would fix it, but he said Polo Field announced that the code would get your penguin banned. I didn’t want to risk it because I’ve already had 3 past penguins of mine banned. So, yeah, I could no longer add anyone. I was really sad about that. Another thing I promised was to give a membership code to a member with the best Halloween costume and also a NON-MEMBER with the best Halloween costume. I cannot do both as I only have one membership code. I’m really sorry about that, too. I’ve decided the winner and he’s a member. If you had a really good costume, I’m so sorry, I couldn’t see everyone’s. It was really, really, really crowded. The winner of the Halloween Costume contest is:



Hopefully, the next party will be difference. I mentioned it earlier. Our next party is on the 23rd of November, which is the 2nd anniversary of Club Penguin Cheats Crew. On that day I will write an article about our history, aswell as having a party. Thanks for reading and thanks for coming if you were able to make the party.

Have a great day!

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Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 Cheats

YEEHAW! Oh, a bit irrelevant. Anyway, Club Penguin have finally released the epic Halloween Party. When you log-in, you will get this image. You will also hear some creepy music, man, I am really freaked out right now.

Click “I Dare!” to continue.

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 Cheats

Once you have clicked “I Dare!”, you will be transported to the Forest. To get to the Haunted Mansion, go to the room at the top of the Forest. Once you are in the Haunted Mansion, you will need to find five gold keys. The first key is right in the Haunted Mansion. If you hadn’t collected the key yet, you’d see a gold key. But I collected it before posting because I’m really dumb, so instead I just see a shadow of a key.

The second gold key is at the Graveyard – To get to the graveyard, click the left purple door and enter the archway. That will lead you to the Graveyard, or the ‘Cementary’ as Americans call it. Once you are in the Graveyard, click the coffin with the key on it. It couldn’t be more obvious.

The 3rd gold key is in the Dining Room. To get to the dining room, enter the right purple door then click the orange door. Once you are in the Dining Room, click the big dish thingy. The key is a fish shape… Yum! Just kidding. It’s rotten.

The fourth key is in the Libary. To get to the Libary, all you have to do is enter the right purple door. Once you are in the Libary, click the fancy book with a golden key inscribed into it.

The 5th and last key is in the… Study? Observatory? Not sure. I only just noticed this, if you click the Gold Key that’s on your screen, you can click the keys and they will automatically take you to the rooms they are in. So, just click the Gold Key on the top left of your screen and click on the last key to go to the Observatory. Click the bat painting to reveal the last key.

You will now have completed the Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 scavenger hunt. Now click the Gold Key again and press the ‘Unlock Chest’ button. You can now click the chest that is in the main part of the Haunted Mansion. You will get a piece of paper on your screen that will let you click ‘Get Goggles’ to receive some cool Ghost Goggles.

Click “Get Goggles” to receive your new Ghost Goggles. With these, you can detect where ghosts are so you can be safe on Club Penguin. Once you have clicked Get Goggles, click “Yes” to obtain your free goggles. To put them on, go into your Club Penguin inventory and click Face Items. Scroll down to find the goggles, then just click them. This is what it looks like when you put the goggles on:

Go to the Left room to enter the Ghost Lab. Once you are in that room, click the top door which is glowing to enter the Ghost Lab. This is another free item cheat. Once you are in the Ghost Lab, you will receive a message from Gariwald, Gary’s lost grandfather and you can click Get Item to receive a free background.

Do you remember in the Halloween Party 2012 commercial it said ‘Become A Ghost’?… Well, you can. This is members only though. If you are not in the Ghost Lab, come back. In the Ghost Lab, you can step inside the machine and it will turn you into a ghost. You can not wear any clothes once you are a ghost. You can transform back into a Penguin if you wish.

At the top right of the room, there is an Items For Everyone stand. Click that to buy items or receive a free ghost costume item. You can also receive the ghost costume item by entering the code CHILLING or FANTASMA. There are several pages in this Club Penguin catalog.

Once you are a ghost, you can click the white tick (glowing blue) at the top right of your Club Penguin screen. Click that to receive your ghost “To-Boo” list from Gariwald. Once you have completed every task, you will receive a free Ectoplasmic Pit. These tasks consist of scaring penguins by pressing “D” in certain rooms. The Headstone will be available after October 20th and the Vampire Throne will be available after October the 24th.

Did you know Club Penguin Cheats Crew are having a party in celebration on October the 21st (Sunday)? I hope you can make it. For more information on our party, click here.

Have a great day! BOO!

Club Penguin is getting ready for the Halloween Party 2012!

I logged into Club Penguin and landed in the Snow Forts. I saw two unusual things at the left of the room! One was a pink ghost and the other was a sign-post which you can click. Club Penguin surely is getting ready for the Halloween party 2012!

Club Penguin is getting ready for the Halloween Party 2012!

This is the clickable sign-post on Club Penguin.

This is what happens when you click the sign on Club Penguin.

I just spotted the pink ghost again!

I’ve already got my Halloween Costume ready! Do you like it? Leave a comment with whatever you want to talk about below.

Have a great day!

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 Sneak Peek + October Penguin Style 2012 Sneak Peek

Happy77 has posted a new article on the Club Penguin community blog. She is showing a sneak peek for the Club Penguin October Penguin Style 2012 and talking about the Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012. Do you remember the Reviewed By You where we voted for the best food costume? Well, the pizza costume won. As you can see on the front of the Club Penguin October 2012 Penguin Style there is a Pizza Costume. I’m going to buy that costume as soon as possible, I LOVE pizza!

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 Sneak Peek + October Penguin Style 2012 Sneak Peek

Greetings Penguins!

October is just about here, and you know what that means… Halloween! Time for costumes, spooky igloos and a haunted party full of ghosts (and candy!)

The Halloween fun starts next week with the new Penguin Style catalog, which includes the new Pizza Costume! (Which you voted for!)

Pizza Costume.pngAs part of this year’s Halloween Party, the team’s making the most epic haunted mansion EVER. It’s all brand new, with tons of creepy corners to explore. I can’t wait to give you guys more info on this one. Stay tuned for more soon!!

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team

I can’t wait for the Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012… It’s going to be SPOOKY! ;). I also can’t wait to get into my Pizza Costume. I’m planning a party devoted to PIZZAS! Also check out CheatsC, I have a video there showing 3 other sneak peeks for the Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012. Are you enjoying The Fair? Comment whatever you want in the comments section. Just don’t comment anything stupid! Feel free to be silly though ;)

Have a great day!

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 Commercial / Advert

Along with the Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 Sneak Peek by Polo Field, Club Penguin have released a commercial/advert on television. This advert is only available on the Cartoon Network channel. Thanks to Trainman1405, we have footage of the Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 advert/commercial. Have this video in higher quality? Comment the link below and your video will be shown on this post. Current video by Trainman1405.

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 Commercial / Advert

Press “play” to view the Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 commercial / advert. You may want to put your sound up because this video isn’t in the best of quality. Again, if you’d like to see this commercial/advert, turn on your TV and go to the Cartoon Network channel. It’s only airing there.

SCARY! I can’t wait for the Halloween Party 2012. It’s going to be a blast! Do you think there’s going to be a scavenger hunt this year? I really hope so. I love scavenger hunts. This year penguins are going to be ghosts… Beware, your igloo may be haunted!

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 Sneak Peek

With thanks to Club Penguin’s train driver Trainman1405 (lol), a sneak peek of the Halloween Party 2012 has been discovered. This sneak peek was pictured by Polo Field and was uploaded to the Club Penguin wiki. I’m not sure which room this is, but I think it might be the Forest. This is the most detailed and best decorated Club Penguin room I’ve ever seen and it’s almost too good to be true. Hopefully, this image is real and isn’t fake. I hereby present you with the Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 Sneak Peek.

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 Sneak Peek

This image is from the Club Penguin wiki but was discovered by Commander Bsyew and was bought to the eyes of the Club Penguin Cheats community by Trainman1405. Below is a picture of the Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 Sneak Peek. As I stated above, I am not sure which room this is. But I think it is the forest, I don’t know why. I guess we’ll see!

AMAZING! What room do you think this is? Do you think it’s fake or real? It COULD be a Club Penguin Private Server with somebody using an account called Polo Field. At the moment nobody is sure. I’m not convinced because Polo Field normally wears his blue graduation cap, black hoodie, red whistle, red keytar and black sneakers. What do you think? Comment below what room you think this is or if you think this is fake/real. Have a great day!

-Coolpool79, Club Penguin Cheats owner.