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Club Penguin Membership Code Giveaway

Hey everyone!

As you all should know by now, today is the day of my Club Penguin Membership Code Giveaway. Not long from now, there’ll be a membership code on this post!

Please read more here:

The code will be revealed at 7:30 PM GMT (that’s 11:30 AM penguin time). All you have to do is come here a few minutes before it starts, pull up the Club Penguin Membership Card redeem page (NOT the gift certificate one!) and keep refreshing until you see the code. Once you see it, quickly copy and paste it into the redeem page and see if you’re the fastest! I will tweet when I’m about to publish the code and when I’ve published it so be sure to follow me on Twitter.

Please send me proof either in a comment on this post or on Twitter (preferably on Twitter) if you win! If you don’t, you won’t put me in a very good situation because people will think that this was fake.

Here is the Club Penguin Membership Code:


Won by: Gokhan137

Good luck and have a great day!

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Noteworthy: Club Penguin Membership Giveaway tomorrow!

Hey everyone!

As you (probably) know, the golden puffle quest starts tomorrow and members will be able to obtain a golden puffle that will dig up rare golden treasure! Check out the Club Penguin Golden Puffle Game On video for more information and sneak peeks. Also, have a look at this “My Day in Club Penguin” video that shows further sneak peeks.

Club Penguin Membership Giveaway tomorrow

Anyway, it’s been a long time since I had a giveaway, hasn’t it? Well – as the golden puffle hunt which is coming tomorrow is only for members, I thought it’d be pretty cool to have a Club Penguin Membership Giveaway to give non-members a chance to get the golden puffle!

The giveaway will take place tomorrow at 7:30 PM GMT which is 11:30 AM Club Penguin time on the website. If any changes are made, I will tweet them so be sure to follow me at @Coolpool79!

I made this post to make you aware that it will be happening, so you won’t miss out on it.

See you tomorrow (or this evening – it depends on where you live) when Club Penguin updates. After I post all of the new Club Penguin cheats, I’ll post a reminder about the giveaway to make sure no-one forgets.

Have a great day!

Win 70,000 Coins and a 12 Month Membership by filling out a Club Penguin Survey!

Hey everyone!

You’re going to love this! There’s a new way to win 70,000 coins and a 12 month membership by doing basically nothing! All you have do is fill out the Club Penguin Magazine’s ‘Penguin Survey 2.0′ to help make the Club Penguin Magazine better. Five participants drawn at random will receive 70,000 coins and a 12-month (one year) membership on Club Penguin. Epic!

Win 70,000 Coins and a One Month Membership by filling out a Club Penguin Survey!

club penguin cheats

It is free to enter. The offer ends on July 2nd. Get participating! Click here to fill out the survey. If you want more easy ways of earning coins on Club Penguin, check out our Club Penguin Money Cheats!

Thanks Memister!

Have a great day!

Club Penguin After-Party Membership Giveaway

Hey everyone!

Thanks so much for attending our Club Penguin Pizza Party today. It was so much fun. I’ll make a review post of it in a minute. Anyway, as  promised, here is the Club Penguin After-Party Membership Giveaway.

Club Penguin After-Party Membership Giveaway

Code 1: 1111292697341490 (won by Zser3)

Code 2: 1358689886194098 (won by CPSpots)

Please tweet me or comment with proof if you’ve won. Thanks!
Have a great day!

ANOTHER Club Penguin Limited Time Membership Offer (LAUNCHING SOON)

It’s almost Christmas (on Club Penguin and in real life)  and as a result of this, Club Penguin is being pretty generous. They recently launched a new membership offer; if you buy a 12 month membership, you will get a  free £10 gift code at the Disney Store and of course a 1-year Club Penguin membership. Now the team is making another deal that will launch on the 21st of December (the day after the Christmas party 2012 starts!) which is that if you buy a 1-month Club Penguin membership, you will get a FREE extra one month! This offer will start on the 21st of December and end on the 24th. If you’re interested in this deal, on the 21st go buy a 1-month Club Penguin membership. Or if you are interested in a £10 gift code for the Disney Store, buy a 12-month Club Penguin membership. It’s your choice!

ANOTHER Club Penguin Limited Time Membership Offer (LAUNCHING SOON)

Club Penguin put this image up on their membership page to advertise this brand new offer. Club Penguin normally update their membership and parent page when a new party is going on or soon to launch on the game.

club penguin cheats

I might be buying a 1-month membership (or should I say 2-month membership) for my second account because my main penguin already has a recurring membership. Will you be buying a 1-month Club Penguin membership to get an extra month or are you buying a 12-month Club Penguin membership to get a £10 gift code at the Disney Store? Will you be getting none of these because you’re already a member, not interested in buying stuff at the Disney store or all of the above? Share your thoughts in a comment, if you want. It’s nice to know that there are people who read the content on this website.

Have a great day!

SpielAffe Club Penguin Membership Generator Goes Down + Application Explained

Recently, the membership code generator went down. There’s a reason for this. The application was made by Disney themselves, it was a free membership trial. It has now ended. I think it was only for a week – so good job to the people who read my post back when it was up! :-)

Now, when you register, accept the terms & stuff, you will get a white line instead of a Membership code.

This application was created by Disney, so this isn’t actually a ‘hack’. It was a secret membership free trial created by them. :D

On their SpielAffe account, they have over 5 pages of games. Here’s a little part of page 1.

Sorry if you didn’t see my post in time. The membership code generator from SpielAffe has gone down – the trial has expired!



Club Penguin Online Membership Code Generator June 2012 WORKING! – Membership hack June 2012 NO PASSWORDS!

WHOA! Yesterday I came across a website called SpielAffe. There’s this thing called “Club Penguin Atikon” – meaning Club Penguin Action (don’t ask me why it’s called that). I clicked on it. Well, you would wouldn’t you? I also then saw a YouTube video (thanks Myles & noodles) and saw that it’s a FREE ONLINE MEMBERSHIP CODE GENERATOR11!11!1!

Seriously, this ACTUALLY works. You don’t have to enter your Penguin name/password or anything. It just generates a code for you. Since it’s in German, hence the “.de” domain, I will show you what to do without you having to Translate.

Click this link (it will go to the Club Penguin Atikon page on SpielAffe)

Click “Jetzt spielen”

Make a SpielAffe account like you would on an English website. (username, email, password, password again, gender)

Click Registrieren

Now click “Akzeptieran” – which means accept I presume.

You will now receive your UNUSED MEMBERSHIP CODE! – I blanked out the membership code below because I might want to use it sometime! :P

NOW, here’s the important bit.

Go to clubpenguin.com and click Membership, or just go to www.clubpenguin.com/membership

Click Card Activation.

YOU MUST CLICK CERTIFICATE!!! IF YOU CLICK MEMBERSHIP CARD THIS WILL NOT WORK!!! Do the following: Enter your penguin name, your password, and then your code.

Congratulations! You will now have a Club Penguin membership. I hope you enjoy!

- Coolpool79

Club Penguin Free Membership 2011 [1 Week]

If you call Club Penguin, and ask why Club Penguin was down, guess what? They’ll say stuff like it’s their fault and they had a problem – And then they’ll ask you for your Penguin Username/Password, E-mail address, ect. And they will give you a free membership for 1 week, and a lot of coins! Phone numbers below!


North America – (888) 861-4111

United Kingdom – 0-800-085-7638

Australia – 1800 237 406

New Zealand – 0800 451 604

Others – 250-861-5111

Check it out! It’s really awesome.