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Will animal style puffles come to Club Penguin in the future?

Hey everyone!

Did you check out the Gold Puffle Behind The Scenes video? It’s the second episode of the ‘New Horizons’ video and it’s all about the history of the gold puffle.

According to Polo Field, there are secrets in the video! Although we can’t be certain, most people think that the secrets are the ‘animal style’ puffles that are shown in the video. A man in the video also hinted at new puffles being discovered in the future. Here are two of the different style puffles they showed. People have already nicknamed them the “dino puffles” as they look like dinosaurs.

club penguin dino puffles

club penguin dino puffles 2

Finally, a new myth! Share any of your thoughts, opinions or suggestions in a comment.

Have a great day!

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