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Club Penguin New Buddy List Update 2011

Club Penguin have finally updated the buddy list system, and you are now allowed unlimited buddies! There are lots of cool new features for the Club Penguin buddy list:

- Cool pop-ups!

- Best friend system! Enables you to make someone your best friend.

- Unlimited Buddies! Have as much buddies as you want.

- Buddy Requests – Buddy requests now go to the buddy list. You can accept them whenever you want!


Bad Features:

- No users in room! You are no longer able to see who’s in the room.

- It says the room your buddy is in, even if they’re on a completely different server, and it doesn’t say which server it is!


- MASSIVE LAG! When you click the buddy list, it goes completely weird, then it slows down your computer. Then, the buddy list turns weird and Shockwave Flash crashes! Here’s a picture:


Opening up…






ANYWAY! Here’s a picture of the new buddy list:



What do you think of this new buddy list? Leave your thoughts below in the comments!









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