Club Penguin Featured Igloos March 20 2012

Hi, Penguins! Club Penguin’s Happy77 has released a new Featured Igloos post on the Club Penguin community blog. This post has a collection of different igloos, with the puffle theme!

Pretty cool, huh? Here’s the Club Penguin post:


Happy77 here. Check out some of the brilliant igloos you nominated to be featured on the blog:
Bryna1 said: “Hi, you HAVE to check out my friend Gogleyfart2’s igloo it is FULL of puffle stuff! PLEASE CHECK OUT HIS IGLOO!” 
Sycho1 said: “Hi!!! My friend Hman104 has a great igloo. It’s always so different!!! Right now part of it is puffle themed and part of it is outdoor themed!!! It is AWESOME!!! Waddle on CP!!!”
Zuzuzu160 said: “Hey I think that Zukky2’s igloo is awesome! She has tubes and a tree made out of puffle lanterns! It’s just so amazing about where she gets all those coins!”
Does your friend have a sweet igloo? Post their penguin’s name and why you like it in the comments. We’ll feature 3 new igloos again soon!
Waddle On! :)
Club Penguin Team
Whoa, those igloos are cool! What do you think? Leave your thoughts below!
- Coolpool79 , administrator
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Club Penguin: Puffle Crisis (Club Penguin Film/Movie) Part 1

Hi, Club Penguin fans!

I’ve been creating a film for Club Penguin called “Puffle Crisis”; where Puffles take-over Club Penguin. I’ve uploaded part 1, here it is:

Club Penguin Friend List/Playercard Offline/Online GLITCH?

Hi, Penguins! While hanging out with my buddy Rhysw2002 on Club Penguin, I noticed my friend list and his playercard says he was offline!

His playercard | When somebody is online, you can press the ignore and the find player button. But this didn’t work on his, because the playercard thinks he’s offline.



On my buddy list, it also stated that he was offline.



Weird, eh? Club Penguin is probably working on this right now, for all we know!

- Coolpool79 , administrator




Club Penguin Invisible Penguin Glitch? 2012

(Thanks, Puppy Paws 3) Hi, Penguins! Puppy Paws 3 has sighted something weird on Club Penguin: invisible penguins/puffles? We don’t know.. because they’re invisible!

This is the picture he took:



That’s something weird you’ve found there, Puppy Paws 3! We’re going to try and find the cause of this. What do you guys think? Leave a comment below.

Coolpool79 , Administrator

Club Penguin Reviewed By You: Favourite Event

Hi, Penguins! Happy77 has posted a new Reviewed By You post on the Club Penguin Community Blog! Here is what she said:


Thanks for all of the sweet comments from last time’s Reviewed By You! I liked Michele50’s comment about puffles!
“My favorite puffle is the orange puffle because I think it reminds us just to lay back and have fun! Also, I think the orange puffle can bring something happy and entertaining to someone that has maybe had a bad day and needs something funny to cheer them up. I currently have two orange puffles and they definitely cheer me up when I’m in a bad mood. The last thing is, they are the kind of puffle that isn’t afraid to show who they are, even if some embarrassing things are part of their personality (drooling on the pillow comes to mind) and I think that’s a good message not only for me, but for other kids around the world. I love Orange Puffles and Waddle On!”

I totally agree, Michele50!
Happy77 - box dimension_2.jpg
I hope all of you penguins (and puffles) are enjoying the Puffle Party! With all of this party excitement, I’d love to know… What’s your favorite Club Penguin event of all time? 
Keep an eye out for the next Reviewed By You coming soon. I’ll post one of your comments and you’ll even receive a 10,000 coin bonus on your account. Enjoy the Puffle Party!
Waddle On! :)
-Club Penguin Team
Nice one! My personal favourite is of course the PUFFLE PARTY! In case your comment doesn’t get through or you’d like to share your thoughts, leave a comment below! What’s YOUR favourite event?
- Coolpool79, administrator

Club Penguin Ring & Old Blue Glitch 2012!

Hello, Penguins! While waddling around and experimenting on Club Penguin, I noticed a Penguin who was the old Club Penguin blue, and had a blue ring on my screen!

I experimented around and finally found the cause/glitch for this! I will be teaching you how to do this.

1) Walk your puffle

2) Make sure you have no clothes on!

3) Click your player-card and remove the Puffle

On other people’s screen, they will see a blue ring around you and you will have the old blue. Like this:

In that picture is the Penguin I saw doing the glitch.

- Coolpool79 administrator


Club Penguin | Club Puffle Party is LATE?

Hello, penguins! As you know, the “Club Puffle” party was meant to be released on the 15th of March, which it is now!

The parties are normally released the day before the official release date, but this time, it’s late!

I’ll probably be at school when the Club Puffle party is released, so I won’t be the first to blog about it. :(


- Coolpool79 , Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin Magazine Official Unlocking – Treasure Book & Treasure Chest Item

Hi, Penguins! I recently got the Club Penguin official UK magazine.

I made a video of me unlocking some items with my code (treasure book items & treasure chest item)

Here’s the video:

Club Penguin | Coolpool79 Entertainment Studios

Custom Penguin DUEL – Vote now!


I’ve made a custom penguin duel with my best friends; Tigerchild6 and GeorgiaaXP. This is part 1 of the duel.

Please vote for Coolpool79! Here’s the video (vote in the comments)

IF YOU DON’T HAVE YOUTUBE OR WANT TO MAKE AN EXTRA VOTE – Vote on the poll below the video.


Please vote for Coolpool79 for a cookie *_* xD

- Coolpool79, Club Penguin

Club Penguin “Shutting Down” Rumour 2012 [FAKE]

Many people have been storming the Club Penguin xat chats with news that Club Penguin is shutting down. Apparently this is because Club Penguin has too many users.

These people have also given “proof”; we do not know if this is InspectElemented, which it probably is.

My theory is that they found a parent update message, and just InspectElement edited the text to that.

But this is the picture they sent us:


I have found several mistakes in this e-mail.

“Club Penguin has became so overcrowded” – it’s become, not became in that context.

There should be a full stop after “Club Penguin”, not a comma. As it’s stating a new fact.

“All premium features, such as igloo designing” – igloo designing is not a premium feature. They should know their own game well enough to not make a mistake like that.

Also,  Disney has millions and millions of dollars. They can run the servers, and handle the players.

ANOTHER fault, this parent update was not sent to anybody else, so this is clearly edited.

This was done to try and scare you all. Do not worry.

- Coolpool79, Club Penguin Cheats.