TheCPPS Ends

Hi, there. I know this is off-topic from Club Penguin, but I’d like to give a notice to all ‘TheCPPS’ users. TheCPPS has sadly come to an end. I was going on there to make a new video, when I saw this notice.

This says;

“Hello users of TheCPPS. I hope you have enjoyed TheCPPS while it lasted, but it has come to an end…

Don’t worry, we won’t leave you without a CPPS to play.

Kelly, I hope you’re happy with what you have done.
I really enjoyed our friendship and working on CPSE with you and I was very excited to finally use it. Sadly our friendship has come to an end.”

TheCPPS hardly lasted even a month. We will miss it!

- Coolpool79

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Club Penguin Private Server April 2012: TheCPPS NEW!

Hi, Penguins! As your loyal Club Penguin reporter, I’d like to show you a new Club Penguin Privates server working as of 01 April 2012. You can still get the beta hat at the moment! (:

Here’s a picture of me at the town (my user is Coolpool79) of TheCPPS

This CPPS has..

  • Custom Items
  • Account Manager
  • Working Unlock Items
  • Cool bot!
  • Working igloos/furniture/flooring
  • Marry & BFF!

And much more!


  • Cyberwolf
  • Chai
  • Blue Jean
  • Tybone10

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There are two ways to get in the website; go to or go to the IP address

Best Fishes,