Club Penguin Community Blog Bug – Y U NO UPDATE?

When you go to, you can see at the top the latest Community Blog post. The latest post is by Happy77 called ‘Welcome to the New Blog’. But when you go directly to the community blog ( the previous post ‘New Blog and Bloggers Coming Next Week!’ – instead of the present post ‘Welcome to the new blog’. This is not my computer lagging because there isn’t even a slider which slides between old posts. It only displays one post which is an old one.

Club Penguin Community Blog Bug – Y U NO UPDATE?

This never used to do this with the old blog, it’s an issue which Club Penguin should notice soon and will fix it like Bob the Builder! In other news, Club Penguin Cheats Crew now has an official facebook page. Here I will post about Club Penguin cheats and news that will concern your visits at Also, I am working on a new Toolbar for search engines. The toolbar is called ‘CPTools’ – it is now in version 1.1. There are many things that need to be added and fixed. If you want to test it out, check out this page.

Have a great day!

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Club Penguin Cherry T-Shirt Glitch

Today I unlocked 2 Innocent Smoothie Club Penguin codes. I sat down with my new ‘Cherry T-Shirt’ item that I unlocked with the Innocent Smoothie code and it looked like the t-shirt was under my beak. Here is the glitch with every normal sitting position on Club Penguin:

Club Penguin are experiencing many glitches with these fruit items!

Club Penguin Buddy List Glitch

While I was busy visiting all kinds of different igloos on Ice Shelf, lots of penguins sent me buddy requests. One of these penguins who sent me a buddy request was already my buddy. I thought this was just a small bug, so I ignored it and clicked “Add friend”. However, it would not let me add him. So, I checked my Buddy List to see if he was accidentally removed and he was right there.

This glitch makes another Buddy List glitch. We have been having so many since the new one released in 2011. What do you think of this Club Penguin Buddy List glitch? Leave your answers down in the comments.

Club Penguin Buddy List Glitch – No Names

Another glitch! Today I’ve been scavenging Club Penguin for glitches and it took me a few seconds to find a new one. As you know, the club penguin buddy list is pretty… Well, it’s ‘crappy’. So, I found some weird glitch where some random penguins in your buddy list have no names.

There is also another glitch (I’m afraid I can’t show you this because Club Penguin’s connection is not working)… Not being able to delete offline buddies! Loads of people ask me to add them and I can’t because it won’t let me delete offline buddies!! Instead of showing me a ‘delete buddy’ option, it shows me an ‘add friend’ option! Annoying!

Fix up the buddy list, Club Penguin!


Club Penguin Igloo No Likes Glitch?

Hmm! Today I logged onto Club Penguin and went into my friend’s igloo. He quit Club Penguin ages ago so it wasn’t updated. I then went into my igloo which had almost 60 likes when I last checked it. When I checked it it had 1 like this time! I thought maybe this was the amount of my friend’s igloo likes and it just got glitched or something… So I then went to the town and went back to my igloo. Weirdly, when I went to my igloo, it had 0 likes this time! What’s going on? Weird!!

I logged off Club Penguin before writing this post. I tried to log back in but I kept losing connection. Club Penguin has gone a bit glitchy recently! What do you think of this? I think Club Penguin should work on these many glitches. It’s pretty annoying. But, something to post about, I guess! ;-)


Club Penguin Strawberry Glasses Glitch!

Hey! Today, August 13th, I advertised Dino Boy7′s site here in exchange for a smoothie code. So, I used this smoothie code and unlocked 2 items. Later, I went on Club Penguin and put my strawberry glasses item I unlocked on, and went to the lighthouse beacon to do a late Field Ops 94 post. When I sat down where the field op is, my glasses disappeared!

Here’s a picture of me standing up with the glasses.

Now, here’s me sitting down with them on.

BOOM! They’ve disappeared. This is weird! I guess it would fool people. I wanted to show off my new hot glasses though! ;-). Waddle on or off!… I don’t know.


New Club Penguin Ultimate Jam VIP Room Glitch

Recently a new glitch was discovered on the VIP room on Club Penguin’s Ultimate Jam.This new glitch allows you to be on the VIP room upper stage.It’s really hard to do.It might take you some or lots of tries to do it.Here is the prove that the glitch works.

As you can see it works.Here are the steps.

Step 1:You will have to click on the VIP room door but still don’t enter (wait for step number 2).

Step 2:When your penguin is almost entering the VIP room quickly click the left blue star at the stage.Note:you should enter the VIP room but click the star first its start to load.

When you are up there will be a door behind you so you can get off of it.That door will take you back to the snow forts.That’s the only way to get off if you don’t want to use the island map.

It might take you a couple of tries but if you can’t do it please don’t get mad (I got really mad,I tried about 20 times).So what do you think?Did it work for you?Leave a comment below.


Club Penguin Log-Out BUG

When you try to log-out of Club Penguin, you’ll get this message:

Error 503 Service Unavailable

Service Unavailable

Guru Meditation:

XID: 1199849415

Varnish cache server

Club Penguin PH Online At April Fools Day Party 2012 GLITCH

Hi, Penguins! Club Penguin has recently released the Club Penguin April Fools Day Party 2012. Weirdly enough, when I checked my Buddy List on Club Penguin, I noticed that PH was online.

PH online at the April Fools Day party? She’s supposed to only come to the Puffle Party.

Here’s a picture:

Weird, huh? Also check out the Club Penguin April Fools Day Party 2012 cheats!

Click here to visit the ultimate Club Penguin YouTube.

- Coolpool79 -
Club Penguin Cheats Crew administrator.

Club Penguin Ninja shadows spotted at the Dojo!

Hi, Club Penguin fans. After playing a game of Card Jitsu, I noticed some ninja shadows jumping around in the windows! Unluckily they moved so fast I only captured one.

Here’s a picture:


Pretty cool! Have you seen these? Do you know how to see them? Leave a comment below!

- Coolpool79 , administrator