Club Penguin Marvel Superhero Takeover 2012 – GLITCHES & BUGS!

Hey! Today Club Penguin released the MARVEL SUPERHERO TAKEOVER 2012 party. When I logged in to post all the ‘cheats’ and stuff, I tried clicking stuff and nothing works xD

1 – There’s no “GO THERE” button on the map..


2 – I presume this button lets you decide if you want to be a Super-Hero, super-villain, a Citizen Police-Man, or Citizen Criminal. Nothing happens when you click it.


3 – The superhero/supervillain/citizen costume catalogs are not working.


4 – In the whatsit-i-dont-know room, there’s a tube which is supposed to teleport you somewhere. Nothing happens when you enter it.


5 – In The Pizza Parlor, if you walk to the free ‘cash bags’ it will ask you if you’d like to pick up “undefined”, and you’ll get a blue screen with the loading thingy-ma-jig forever.


6 – If you try and buy costumes, you’ll get an error saying “This item is not currently available.”


There are lots of other glitches and bugs, but that would take too long to post.

Better fix these bugs, Club Penguin!

Your half brother,


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