Club Penguin Cheats 430,000+ Hits Party Info!

Wow! About a week ago we hit 400,000 hits, but I forgot to plan a party. As days passed on, we’ve reached 430,000 which is a pretty good number! So we’re having a party ;)

Here is the information you’ll need in order to attend this party:

SPECIAL GUESTS: None yet. @ Me on twitter, comment on one of my YouTube videos, email me, or post a comment below to become Special Guest at this Club Penguin party.

PLEASE NOTE: Coolpool79 & the special guests sometimes cannot add. I, Coolpool79 has a glitched buddy list, preventing me from adding or receiving buddy requests from anybody. However I can receive & send postcards, and stuff like that. I and/or you can try adding anyway.

Don’t forget like most of you did last time haha! Oh, one last thing.

There will be ANOTHER party 3 days after this one. “What? Another? What for?” you ask? Well, it’s my birthday on the 24th of May and I thought I’d have a ‘virtual birthday party’ :D And of course I’m going somewhere in my stupid wheel chair on my actual birthday… “WHY DO YOU HAVE A WHEELCHAIR?”, you ask? I have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Don’t know what the hell that is? Read this.

Enough of the bad stuff, I hope you come to my party and have a great time. If you can’t, don’t worry! you can come to another one and I don’t hate you for it… Haha!

See you there!


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6 thoughts on “Club Penguin Cheats 430,000+ Hits Party Info!

  1. HaHa..:) i really want to come to that partyyy :D :D yehhaaaaaa….
    (but i dont know the clock of the CP) so i think i cant come…
    More than this my pc sucks (Internet)soo…. i cant log in cp eitther… hope all will be good and I WILL COOOMEEEE cause
    WE ARE SPAAARTAAAAAA!!!! ( with cheats :P :P)…:))

  2. can you make a one more party party gust add me here is my name for clubpenguin suarez2004 add me and i will tell you 3 codes or 10 gust add me mmcode11
    member ship
    party at my place
    1st of june and july
    leave me reply
    from suarez2004

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