Club Penguin April Fools Party 2012 Igloo Contest RARE IGLOO ITEMS PRIZE!

Hi, Penguins! Club Penguin have recently posted a new Tweet on Twitter regarding the April Fools Party 2012 igloo contest – they said aswell as 1 million coins you could win rare furniture items for your Club Penguin igloo!

As Club Penguin posted; “Your child could win rare igloo items & up to 1 million coins for their creativity by entering our in-game Craziest Igloo Contest! ^LR” - If you’re confused what “LR” means, it’s the initials of the person who tweeted that. I believe “L” is for Liz or Laura.

Here’s a picture of the tweet, just for proof:

Awesome! This makes me want to win all the more. What do you think? Leave a comment below!

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