Check out my new blog – Club Penguin Mash!

Hey guys! I’ve been talking about releasing a much better Club Penguin Cheats blog for a while now, and I’ve finally done it! It’s called “Club Penguin Mash”. This is just going to be a quick post – read my introduction post on the new site for much more details. Here’s a snippet from that article:

You probably all know my old site Club Penguin Cheats Crew (if you don’t, poor you; you missed out on an amazing era! jk, it kinda sucked) which was very popular for a while. In fact, it was the 3rd most popular Club Penguin cheats website in late 2012 & early 2013. I blogged on that for a few years and then suddenly lost interest. I became incredibly inactive on the site, causing its extreme loss in popularity; it went from 10,000-25,000 views per day to 1,000-1,500. If you’re in a fandom, you might call that FLOP. Some of you would’ve probably continued blogging on a site that popular even if you lost interest, but popularity wasn’t why I blogged on it – it was of course enjoyment. I found that slowly slipping away as Club Penguin began progressing into generation 3 and I got tired of posting about things I didn’t find exciting. Whilst I was an absent author, I learned a lot – I studied programming, more aspects of WordPress and internet marketing for a while. I realised why CPCC sucked and how I could make it better. However, to make it better, I would need a whole new website on a whole new CMS ( – CPCC was on They are very different). Instead of migrating CPCC to it (which would be a painful process), I thought it would be interesting to have a complete fresh start. I also didn’t want to lose CPCC’s stats (well, would you want to lose evidence that you owned a website which reached 4.5 million views when you were a kid?) so I got to work on Club Penguin Mash. I hope it goes well.


I would put up a picture of what my new site looks like but sucks and isn’t letting me upload. Bye. Visit my new site today:


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I need your ideas for my new site!

I’m sure you’ve all heard about my new website by now. All the A-List celebrities have been talking about it… Err… Actually, no-one has been talking about it, but oh well.

My new site is a bit like this one, but much better. It will have over 200 pages, a much better design and some other awesome features which were impossible to implement on CP Cheats Crew.

I’ve been working my… how can I say this without swearing… stinky-hole off alone on this site since April and it’s likely that it’ll take me until September to finish.

I know I’m a genius and all, but I need your input! I need to know what you want too, not just what I want. So I want you to leave a comment with your ideas below and if your idea isn’t utterly impossible, I’ll use it! If I like it as much as I like pancakes (and that’s a lot), I may even give you a membership code instead of having a contest on my site when it releases.

So leave a comment with your bright ideas (you’re all geniuses like me, come on, let your imagination flow) and you’ll make me a very happy penguin.

New website coming soon!

Hey guys!

You’ve probably noticed that I never post on here any more. I was on a break for several months and then decided to make new websites now that I’ve sorted money issues out. One of these websites will include a brand new Club Penguin website! It will have much more content than this, with an estimated 300 pages completed upon release. Due to this large amount of content, I believe it will take several months to complete. I’ve been working on this website for over a month now and have managed to get 100 pages done.

This site will have a much better design and more features. It will be using a different blogging platform than the one Club Penguin Cheats Crew is hosted on, giving me much more freedom and opportunity to create a bigger and more comprehensive website. I also plan to add a forum and community section with cool features like achievements.

Here’s a sneak peek of this new site:

club penguin new website

I’ll be posting on this site daily and it won’t just be ‘cheats’. As soon as the site opens, I’ll be having a few give-aways for memberships and exclusive Club Penguin UK Magazine items. If you have any ideas, leave a comment or send me a tweet.

When I complete all the pages, I’ll be making a post giving much more information and answering questions.

I hope to bring this sit e to what Club Penguin Cheats Crew once was!

What’s this room on Club Penguin?

Hey everyone!

An unknown room has been discovered on Club Penguin. It’s like the forest but it’s cloudy everywhere. Have a look at the room below:

club penguin unknown room

The room is called the “Bonus Room” in Club Penguin’s Rooms.json and the ID is 851. What’s interesting that jump_enabled is set to true in this room and contrary to popular belief, jump_enabled being set to true enables server jumping! Could Club Penguin be testing server jumping? I will be doing some more experiments to find out what this room is soon. What do you think it is? Leave your hypothesis’ below!

Have a great day!

Club Penguin releases The Fair 2014 – and it’s FAIRly good!

Hey everyone!

What’s crackalackin’?  It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? As I’m too lazy to write a grovelling apology regarding my inactivity on this blog, let’s just get straight to the point.

Club Penguin The Fair 2014

‘Step Right Up’ (does anyone know what this actually means?) everyone – The Fair 204 has been released on Club Penguin and it’s FAIRly good! (Pun very much intended.)

This year, there’s all-knew rides, games, rooms and more; it’s a fair like you’ve never seen before. Instead of redecorating all of the normal rooms, Club Penguin created a new map with all the special rooms – like they did at the Prehistoric Party.

Table of Contents


Table of Contents

The Amazement Park

The main room is called “The Amazement Park“. It contains all the entrances to the other rooms and a stage where the Penguin Band pop up and play Anchors Aweigh at regular intervals. You can collect their background.
The room:

club penguin the amazement room

Penguin Band:

club penguin penguin band

Pirate Park

Pirate Park is a collection of cool pirate-themed rooms! (Pirates of the Caribbean takeover CONFIRMED)

pirate park

Table of Contents

Marooned Lagoon

This room is a lagoon (hence the name) where you sail around hitting targets with snowballs in order to gain tickets. There is also a treasure chest with a golden puffle inside (not a real one). I thought you would be able to collect the treasure at first. You can’t :(

club penguin marooned lagoon

Buccaneer Boats

Like the Marooned Lagoon room, you can sail around in a boat earning tickets at Buccaneer Boats. There are sings that randomly popup which you can gain tickets from by going over them with your boat.

club penguin buccaneer boats

That’s all of Pirate Park! Arr matey.

Tumbleweed Town

Howdy, partner! Tumbleweed Town is the home of all the cowboy-themed rooms.

club penguin tumbleweed town

Table of Contents:

Bulls Eye

In the Bulls Eye room, you can hit targets to gain tickets.

club penguin bulls eye

Wagon Wheel

You can hitch a ride on the Wagon Wheel and look over the island!

club penguin wagon wheel

Galaxy Park

Galaxy Park is the town of space-themed rooms!

club penguin galaxy park

Table of Contents:

The Space Squid

The Space Squid is the only room in Galaxy Park; the rest are games. This room is pretty cool – it’s a roller coaster!

club penguin rollercoaster

8bit Room

It’s like the paper penguin room at the April Fools’ Party!
You can gain tickets by collecting the items.

club penguin 8 bit coffee


There are several games dotted about at The Fair. Most of them are traditional but there are some new ones.

Table of Contents:

Puffle Soaker

Soak the pictures of puffles with your hose by clicking them. Avoid the other ones like mascots or you will lose points!

club penguin puffle soaker

Puffle Paddle

Move your paddle around, let puffles bounce on it and don’t let them fall!

club penguin puffle paddle

Puffle Shuffle

Three puffles are shown and then put under each hat. The hats will be shuffled and you will have to keep guessing which hat a random puffle colour is under.

club penguin puffle shuffle

Balloon Pop

Blow your puffle with a fan, hold the mouse button to go faster, bump balloons into walls to pop them and then collect the tickets!

club penguin balloon pop

Memory Card Game

Test your memory with this game! The objective is to find the matching pairs in the fewest tries for maximum tickets.

club penguin memory card game

Lunar Launch

Test your penguin’s strength! Hold your mouse and let go at the right time.

club penguin lunar launch


Shoot O-Berries into the puffles’ mouths before they go back down to gain tickets!

club penguin feed a puffle


As usual, you can purchase prizes with tickets you’ve gained throughout the Fair. Over the course of the party, more prizes will be released. There are several available already.

There are 9 prizes currently available, 1 of which is not only for members:

club penguin fair member prizes

As I mentioned above, new prizes will be available over the course of the party.

club penguin new prizes


All the other stuff.

Table of Contents:

The Daily Spin

Every day, you can spin the wheel. The probability of landing on a good place (which will gain you tickets) is high so it’s very likely that you will earn tickets. However, if you are unlucky (like me – although I actually landed on a good one when I tried it!), you could end up with no tickets left!

You can only spin the wheel once a day, hence the name.

club penguin the daily spin


There are 3 ‘limited edition’ emotes that will only be present at the party. They consist of:

  • Pixelated Smile
  • Clown Face
  • Penguin with hands up (for the roller-coaster)

club penguin fair 2014 emotes


That’s it for my Fair post! If I have missed anything, please let me know. How are you enjoying The Fair? I think it’s much cooler than the previous ones – although I do enjoy Club Penguin’s classic parties.

Have a great day!

Club Penguin Releases New “Pixel Puffle” Pin

Hey everyone!

Check out the newest pin on Club Penguin – the “Pixel Puffle” pin. It can be found at the Hidden Lake. This is an update amongst a few others; including a special update – Club Penguin in Russian! (You’ll hear more from me about that soon.)

Here is where the pin is located. As always, just click on the pin and you’ll be able to add it to your inventory.

club penguin pixelated puffle pin

More pixels?? Is Club Penguin having a Pacman takeover? Check out a sneak peek for The Fair 2014 which also has pixelated stuff.

Have a great day!

Sneak Peek of The Club Penguin Fair 2014!

Hey everyone!

Check out this sneak peek of the upcoming Club Penguin Fair 2014 that Polo Field published on his blog! It came with a message for us fan bloggers:

I just wanted to write a note to say “thank you” to all the Club Penguin fan bloggers out there. We appreciate all the hard work you put into writing about CP news, tips, tricks, stories, videos and everything else!

Club Penguin has come a long way since it started way back in 2005. There are kids who were born in 2005 who are old enough to be playing CP now! Isn’t that incredible? So awesome!

I’m incredibly excited about what the team is working on this year for everyone! The Fair is coming next month, and it’s absolutely AMAZING!! This is probably my new favorite party of all time, and I can’t wait for all of you to experience it!! I honestly think you’re going tolove it.

As a HUGE THANK YOU to all the fan bloggers out there, here’s an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of this year’s Fair for your fan blog!

Love you Polo even though you keep blocking me on Twitter ;P

Here’s the sneak peek:

club penguin the fair 2014

Below the image, he said this:

Hmmm… wonder what’s on that arcade machine… Think, think, think…

Does anyone have an idea? Above the game, it has a picture of an 8-bit penguin and an 8-bit pizza. You can also see Polo Field doing an 8-bit emote. Why so much 8-bit stuff?? All will be revealed this month.

Have a great day!